Top 7 Underwater Wonders of the World

Many years ago, before huge earthquakes and flood, these cities were amazing places to live and to see. All of them represent significant archaeological findings in recent history. The others are in some way more mysterious in origin. All of the keep some secrets that we may never know. Many people trying to find some secrets while they are scuba diving and while they enjoy in underwater world.

Cleopatra’s Alexandria, Egypt

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The End Of The World – Australia

These are the Nullabor Cliffs that stretch between Western and South Australia. Makes up most of the Great Australian Bight. The name comes from the words Null and Arbor, because the area is virtually treeless.

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World Largest Miniature Airport

Miniatur Wunderland, with its small-scale model trains and landscapes, is one of Hamburg’s biggest tourist attractions. This month, it unveiled its latest addition: the world’s largest miniature airport goes into operation following 6 years of development and construction and an investment of $5 million.

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The 10 Nature Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real

These amazing nature is the best idea for this year travel destinations. Many people can’t visit all of them this year, but they can pick one for which they think is the best to see.

1. Rainbow eucalyptus trees

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Roraima: Venezuela


The climate of Roraima is tropical with an annual mean temperature of 78.8°F (26C). The state’s southern part is located in the Amazon rainforest, while the north has open grassland fields, and there is a small strip of savanna to the east. The state is rich in mineral deposits – especially gold, diamonds, cassiterite, bauxite, marble and copper. This is a world of strange valleys, the ground under your feet carpeted in quartz crystals, gorges with fissures tens of meters deep, swirling mist which suddenly clear to reveal incredible views, bizarre rock amphitheaters clothed with strange lichen and mosses, apparently stark rock outcrops suddenly revealing amazing lush meadows, bathing pools with fairy gardens of strange flora and fauna, caverns, rivers and waterfalls. [Read more...]

Top 15 Most Beautiful Caves Around The World

Caves always have something amazing deep inside to see and to feel. On the Earth there is lots of caves which have some secrets and maybe even something more. On the list you can see the most beautiful caves around the world.

Krubera Cave (Voronya Cave), Georgia

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Amazing Day In Nature

When the day is almost over most incredible photos you can made. Sun love to send amazing light from clouds into the Earth. Photographers loves this time of the day like we can see on the these incredible images. Many tourists love to see this in live, and near this place is a hotel. otel is great with 4 stars and always is full because people loves to make their own photos.

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South Georgia

Most beautiful travel destinations for february is South Georgia. In South Georgia you can see many amazing landscapes, and amazing animals like penguins.  All you need is time for travel, camera and nothing else.

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The Coldest Village on Earth (22 photos)

Known as the ‘Pole of Cold’, the coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2 Celsius.

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Flying Over An Eruption

If you love adrenaline in your travel, than you need to do this! This is something amazing and something for what you need to have really strong heart! Eruption on this volcano is really common stuff. Many tourists loves to came here and have their own flying over this amazing volcano.

flying over an eruption


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