Simple Straight Forward Booking

The thought of a summer holiday is very exciting, but the booking of one is a little less so. If you are used to having to traipse into the high-street and sit for hours looking through brochures of identical holidays, it can be a bit mundane. However, in contrast the internet is generally the quickest and most efficient way to book. It takes a fraction of the time compared to going into a traditional shop and flicking through the brochures. The additional bonus is that online companies do not have the overheads that shops do therefore they are usually cheaper to buy from.

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Top 10 Countries With the Best Holiday Entitlements

It’s that time of year again, when workers go on leave, businesses shut down and the general work-life balance scale dips toward “social.” But employees in some countries have it especially good, with generous government-mandated holiday entitlements.

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21 Reasons Why Majestic Ice Mountains are So Beautiful

Icebergs can be small like car and big like mountains. They can be in many colors, green, blue, red and in some times yelow which is amazing. Icebergs color depends of sea around them. If you travel sometimes to see in live icebergs, you will see the power of them and the pure beauty. Every year new Icebergs are born, which amazing fact, but in last 10 years, that number is small. This is the reason why Earth have climate problem. Enjoy in this beautiful Icebergs photos.

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European Disneyland

There are only five of Disneyland, two in America (Florida and California), one in Tokyo, one in Hong Kong and the last in the suburbs of Paris. In Paris is one really amazing, and beautiful Disneyland. You can see how it is on these photos below. The park is divided into several parts, it’s like Adventureland (Adventureland).

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How to Afford Your 2013 Faliraki Club 18-30 Holiday

With Crimbo done and dusted, a student loan on the way, and nothing to look forward to but a bit of choccy around Easter time, all the signs are saying that it’s time to start searching for your summer Club 18-30 holiday.

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12 Most Not Normal Ways To Travel

Sometimes it’s cool to travel on some diferrent wya. If you don’t have an idea how to travel than here you can see one. Some of them are really expensive boats.

1. A MINI boat

2. A stretch scoote

3. The fastest toilet ever

4. A dolphin

5. Beer cans

6. Your very own island boat

7. A floating ice cream truck

8. Your old pool table

9. A hot tub

10. Your garden

11. A souped-up stroller

The Magic of Italy

Europe is home to many magical places that each promise their own unique holiday experience. From city breaks in beautiful Lisbon to laid-back Archangelos holidays, luxury cruises around the Med to fly-drive holidays in the States – there’s certainly no end of choice when it comes to deciding on your next jolly.

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City of Witches in Catalonia

Today I will discuss a very interesting little town of Spain, which stands apart from the popular hiking trails. Here lives just a little more than 300 people and it was built in the valley to the frozen lava, formed a sagging after a volcanic eruption 11,000 years ago. I have often been in Barcelona and Catalonia, but his route is based solely on the coastal towns, not even imagining how beautiful and picturesque places are extending inland.

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Life in Hong Kong

This is how people live in mega cities. Idea is to make photos of every day life in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is great travel destination for many tourists, and Hong Kong love them. These mega buildings are one of the many tourist sites in Hong Kong. But, these part of the Hong Kong isn’t for tourists. This is poor part of the city,  and on these photos we can see how bad these people live there.

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Top 5 Attractions in Limerick

Settled within the beautiful Shannon region is the wonderful Irish city of Limerick. Nestled away on the mid-west coast of the Republic of Ireland, a trip to Limerick will put you at the forefront of heritage, history and plenty of culture.

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