How to Afford Your 2013 Faliraki Club 18-30 Holiday

With Crimbo done and dusted, a student loan on the way, and nothing to look forward to but a bit of choccy around Easter time, all the signs are saying that it’s time to start searching for your summer Club 18-30 holiday.

Faliraki Club 18 30 How to Afford Your 2013 Faliraki Club 18 30 Holiday

Heading over to Faliraki with Club 18-30 is guaranteed to be absolutely epic, but times are tight and affording that shameless session in the sun with your buds can sometimes seem like a bit of a pipedream.

Rule number one, it doesn’t matter what your mates think, booking early is the best way to ensure that you’re definitely on that flight to Faliraki. Booking your break in January to early February guarantees that you get your pick from an array of packages, get to grips with the holiday balance, and work out an affordable payment plan.

Paying a little off the total cost of your holiday each week, over a longer period of time will take the edge off the overall price of your summer session. Rather than cramming in a ton of overtime near to your departure date, take it easy and manage your money wisely.

Cut out the middle man as well. Booking on the high street may be exciting, but nipping online and booking via the Club 18-30 holiday website can actually save you money. By booking on the Internet you are likely to benefit from web exclusive discounts and any low deposit schemes.

It’s all about doing it right, and booking with Club 18-30 will ensure that once you land in Faliraki you’re going to party good and proper. Club reps are on hand to fill you in on the free bar situ, get you free entry into the biggest clubs on the island, and make sure you know which events are simply unmissable.

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