The Dark Blue Bottom Of An Iceberg That Just Rolled Over

This happens when the bottom half of the iceberg pushes UP, and the top of the iceberg pushes DOWN. And of course due to the irregular shape of the iceberg, these up and down forces aren’t at all symmetrical radially. So when the top melts that means it no longer pushes downward as much, and the bottom half now pushes upwards more than the top pushes downward, and the unsymmetrical upward force rolls the iceberg onto its side in order for the bottom half to push its way upwards.


Cruising the Caribbean in Style

If you’re after a Caribbean cruise, you’ve probably come across Royal Caribbean International during your holiday search – and no doubt it didn’t take you long to realise that this is the crème de la crème of cruising.

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15 Magical Snowy Landscapes

Winter each year gives us a delightful snowy landscapes of breathtaking! Trees, land, buildings and machinery – all covered with fluffy snow pollen. And from this snow-white on the street at night is extremely light! Offered enjoy just such pictures snowy landscape illuminated by a wonderful glow!

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Magnificent Photos That Reflect the Beauty All Around Us

Magnificent nature give us most beautiful photos taht we ever saen! Our planet is the most beautiful on the entire galaxy. Sure, we dont know is there some other planet like Earth, but we dont care, we know that Our Earth is the most beautiful planet on the entire Space. Some of this places is great for travel, and is great to see in live.

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29 Most Beautiful Grand Canyon Photos

One of the best places to see in USA is Grand Canyon. Here you can see most beautiful grand canyon photos on the internet. These photos are beautiful and thay are made from one very famous photographer. You can enjoy in them, and you can ut one of them on your desktop to see how they really are awsome!

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