The Dark Blue Bottom Of An Iceberg That Just Rolled Over

This happens when the bottom half of the iceberg pushes UP, and the top of the iceberg pushes DOWN. And of course due to the irregular shape of the iceberg, these up and down forces aren’t at all symmetrical radially. So when the top melts that means it no longer pushes downward as much, and the bottom half now pushes upwards more than the top pushes downward, and the unsymmetrical upward force rolls the iceberg onto its side in order for the bottom half to push its way upwards.


Roraima: Venezuela


The climate of Roraima is tropical with an annual mean temperature of 78.8°F (26C). The state’s southern part is located in the Amazon rainforest, while the north has open grassland fields, and there is a small strip of savanna to the east. The state is rich in mineral deposits – especially gold, diamonds, cassiterite, bauxite, marble and copper. This is a world of strange valleys, the ground under your feet carpeted in quartz crystals, gorges with fissures tens of meters deep, swirling mist which suddenly clear to reveal incredible views, bizarre rock amphitheaters clothed with strange lichen and mosses, apparently stark rock outcrops suddenly revealing amazing lush meadows, bathing pools with fairy gardens of strange flora and fauna, caverns, rivers and waterfalls. [Read more...]

Top 5 Attractions in Limerick

Settled within the beautiful Shannon region is the wonderful Irish city of Limerick. Nestled away on the mid-west coast of the Republic of Ireland, a trip to Limerick will put you at the forefront of heritage, history and plenty of culture.

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Cruising the Caribbean in Style

If you’re after a Caribbean cruise, you’ve probably come across Royal Caribbean International during your holiday search – and no doubt it didn’t take you long to realise that this is the crème de la crème of cruising.

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29 Most Beautiful Grand Canyon Photos

One of the best places to see in USA is Grand Canyon. Here you can see most beautiful grand canyon photos on the internet. These photos are beautiful and thay are made from one very famous photographer. You can enjoy in them, and you can ut one of them on your desktop to see how they really are awsome!

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21 Amazing Places To See


These amazing places are one of a kind, and definitely should be visited in a life time. Our magnificent nature simply describes our amazing planet we live in. Each and every of these places carry something, some sensation that a human must feel, and live once is there. Take a look and enjoy in in a beauty of these amazing nature photos.


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