The End Of The World – Australia

These are the Nullabor Cliffs that stretch between Western and South Australia. Makes up most of the Great Australian Bight. The name comes from the words Null and Arbor, because the area is virtually treeless.

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20 Most Beautiful Travel Places from Europe

These are the most beautiful places to travel in Europe. We all have heard for Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Wien, Monaco and many other amazing and beautiful European cities. All of them have something inside and that is the thing why many tourists visit Europe. On these photo below you can see 20 most beautiful travel photos from Europe.

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12 Most Not Normal Ways To Travel

Sometimes it’s cool to travel on some diferrent wya. If you don’t have an idea how to travel than here you can see one. Some of them are really expensive boats.

1. A MINI boat

2. A stretch scoote

3. The fastest toilet ever

4. A dolphin

5. Beer cans

6. Your very own island boat

7. A floating ice cream truck

8. Your old pool table

9. A hot tub

10. Your garden

11. A souped-up stroller

South Georgia

Most beautiful travel destinations for february is South Georgia. In South Georgia you can see many amazing landscapes, and amazing animals like penguins.  All you need is time for travel, camera and nothing else.

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City of Witches in Catalonia

Today I will discuss a very interesting little town of Spain, which stands apart from the popular hiking trails. Here lives just a little more than 300 people and it was built in the valley to the frozen lava, formed a sagging after a volcanic eruption 11,000 years ago. I have often been in Barcelona and Catalonia, but his route is based solely on the coastal towns, not even imagining how beautiful and picturesque places are extending inland.

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