12 Most Not Normal Ways To Travel

Sometimes it’s cool to travel on some diferrent wya. If you don’t have an idea how to travel than here you can see one. Some of them are really expensive boats.

1. A MINI boat

2. A stretch scoote

3. The fastest toilet ever

4. A dolphin

5. Beer cans

6. Your very own island boat

7. A floating ice cream truck

8. Your old pool table

9. A hot tub

10. Your garden

11. A souped-up stroller

South Georgia

Most beautiful travel destinations for february is South Georgia. In South Georgia you can see many amazing landscapes, and amazing animals like penguins.  All you need is time for travel, camera and nothing else.

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Flying Over An Eruption

If you love adrenaline in your travel, than you need to do this! This is something amazing and something for what you need to have really strong heart! Eruption on this volcano is really common stuff. Many tourists loves to came here and have their own flying over this amazing volcano.

flying over an eruption


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A Private Suite On Wheels

Camping gives you freedom to go where you want and when you want. To stay for many days on one place, and on another one. Today is 21st century but many people still love to enjoy in camping. This private suite on wheels can give you comfort and modern look. You will have all the best luxurious with this wheels on your trip and all the freedom. Inside this camper you have kitchen, bathroom, deck, two beds and plenty of storage for your purpose.

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Antarctic Station at The South Pole

Travelto the Amundsen-Scott station, named after the discoverer of the South Pole, is striking in its scope and techniques. The complex of buildings, around which thousands of miles there is nothing but ice is a really a different world. We do not disclose all the secrets of science and research, but had an interesting tour of the residential units, and showed how they live polar.

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First Snow In Different Countries

This collection of most beautiful travel photos are for those who wish to snow during the Christmas holidays, but still today the landscape in many cities and countries was mostly green and brown. Since early December, many have had the opportunity to see the beauty of the snow, and sometimes experience irritation from the winter wonderland.

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The blood-red ocean in Australia

Several popular beaches in Sydney closed after algal blooms rare coastal waters gave an awesome blood-red hue. On Tuesday morning, authorities Sydney closed to public beaches Bondi and Maruba Klavli rare algal bloom because that gives the water a bright scarlet.

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10 Most Luxurious Airlines In The World

Do you have any idea which international airlines offer the plushest service and the most perks in first class? I’ve done the dirty work and present to you some of the best air accoutrements short of a private plane. So the next time you plan for an air travel you might want to consider to have some luxurious time in one of these fabulous cabins.

So here are some of the most luxurious airlines in the world. I hope you will like them. I may have missed out some so do add your recommendations in comment section. Thanks


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Most Beautiful Travel Photos On StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is very big site which have most beautiful travel photos on the all internet worldwide. Photos are really beautiful and really pure gold of photography. Here you can se most beautiful travel photos on StumbleUpon from all time. You can chose which one is the best for you but all of them are really beautiful. These photos are from Europe, Asia, all around the world. You can see beauty taht our earth have, our home have.

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V8 Hotel For Car Fans

In the German city of Stuttgart is one of the most unusual hotels in the world. Its interior uses a large number of cars. A culmination of this car is a disgrace bed, retro-styled car.

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