Top 10 Places You Never Thought You Could Afford: 2013 edition

For some famous travel destinations, a reputation precedes them. That is the reason why they are so inaccessible, expensive and out of reach for many tourists. But don’t worry, because time is changing. Places like Hawaii, New Zealand, and even China are becoming easier to get to, and you can find some really great deals for your travel trip. So, here are the 10 destinations that just might be more affordable than you think. All you need to do is to is to look for some great deals for one of these locations and you will be very happy.



This country in these days is very afforadble. The best fares on Air China include $808 from New York to Shangai and if you want you can take a flight from Guangzhou and $951 from Los Angeles to Beijing. [Read more...]

The most terrible places on the planet

Hunters for the thrill and adrenaline, glasses splashing in the blood can not just bail out and run from avalanches.Less sports citizens the more inclined to travel, prefer to go to a strange and scary place, where on the planet enough. And it’s not always Pripyat, which is really terrible accident happened. This is a site that is legendary. About which you can shoot horror and suspense.

1. Winchester Mystery House, California

160 rooms, 40 staircases and one big mystery. Now, what is the Winchester Mystery House – a huge mansion in San Jose, home to a crazy widow and a family of ghosts. It all started with the fact that Sarah Winchester lost her husband and inherited his multi-million dollar fortune. Later it was the spirit of the deceased, who told joyless news: money earned on human bones, all of Winchester curse and the ghosts will take revenge. To make peace with them you can, but when we build a house. Preferably without stopping. Because if hammering subside, the woman died. 
Sarah immediately set to work. Their new-found millionaire bought an old house in California and hired workers. The house began to appear new rooms, corridors, balconies and hidden passages. Floors web braided ladders, which often led to nowhere – slowly goes mad Mrs. Winchester hoped to mislead the pursuing its ghosts. The house grew by leaps and bounds, the construction did not stop more than a day, and continued up entire 38 years! Today, in this grand mansion lead guided tours. Fend off the group can not – or instantly get lost in the maze of creepy rooms.In which, as they say, the ghosts are still waiting for their victims.

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