The Dark Blue Bottom Of An Iceberg That Just Rolled Over

This happens when the bottom half of the iceberg pushes UP, and the top of the iceberg pushes DOWN. And of course due to the irregular shape of the iceberg, these up and down forces aren’t at all symmetrical radially. So when the top melts that means it no longer pushes downward as much, and the bottom half now pushes upwards more than the top pushes downward, and the unsymmetrical upward force rolls the iceberg onto its side in order for the bottom half to push its way upwards.


Top 7 Underwater Wonders of the World

Many years ago, before huge earthquakes and flood, these cities were amazing places to live and to see. All of them represent significant archaeological findings in recent history. The others are in some way more mysterious in origin. All of the keep some secrets that we may never know. Many people trying to find some secrets while they are scuba diving and while they enjoy in underwater world.

Cleopatra’s Alexandria, Egypt

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Roraima: Venezuela


The climate of Roraima is tropical with an annual mean temperature of 78.8°F (26C). The state’s southern part is located in the Amazon rainforest, while the north has open grassland fields, and there is a small strip of savanna to the east. The state is rich in mineral deposits – especially gold, diamonds, cassiterite, bauxite, marble and copper. This is a world of strange valleys, the ground under your feet carpeted in quartz crystals, gorges with fissures tens of meters deep, swirling mist which suddenly clear to reveal incredible views, bizarre rock amphitheaters clothed with strange lichen and mosses, apparently stark rock outcrops suddenly revealing amazing lush meadows, bathing pools with fairy gardens of strange flora and fauna, caverns, rivers and waterfalls. [Read more...]

Top 5 Attractions in Limerick

Settled within the beautiful Shannon region is the wonderful Irish city of Limerick. Nestled away on the mid-west coast of the Republic of Ireland, a trip to Limerick will put you at the forefront of heritage, history and plenty of culture.

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Top 10 Oldest Cities In The World

If you can you must see these 10 oldest cities in the world. Many of us don’t know which cities are the oldest one, and now here is the list. Maybe this is little strange, but it is true. These cities are one of the best travel destinations in the world, like pyramids in Egypt.

Shibam, Yemen

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A Guide to Sivota

Located on the North West shore of Greece and sheltered by the dominating mountains, the township of Sivota is a perfectly formed, tranquil retreat that gets you closer to nature and allows you to appreciate the astonishing vistas that this region of Greece has to offer. From its peaceful coves to its craggy landscapes, Sivota is a perfect alternative to the tourist hotspots that offers a little more insight into traditional Greece.

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Waterfall restaurant in the Philippine

This beautiful restaurant is something really magnificent to see. Waterfall restaurant is located at the Philippines where quest can enjoy in waterfall while they eating. This is something that we can see every day. If you love to travel and enjoy in our beautiful nature, than this is great place for your travel and leisure.

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Antarctic Station at The South Pole

Travelto the Amundsen-Scott station, named after the discoverer of the South Pole, is striking in its scope and techniques. The complex of buildings, around which thousands of miles there is nothing but ice is a really a different world. We do not disclose all the secrets of science and research, but had an interesting tour of the residential units, and showed how they live polar.

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Top 11 Reasons Why It Is Better To Sit By The Window On The Plane

The seat next to the window on the plane has always been a favorite, and these photos show why. How the plane and amateur photos may look great, it can be seen in the footage you can see below.

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The blood-red ocean in Australia

Several popular beaches in Sydney closed after algal blooms rare coastal waters gave an awesome blood-red hue. On Tuesday morning, authorities Sydney closed to public beaches Bondi and Maruba Klavli rare algal bloom because that gives the water a bright scarlet.

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