The Magic of Italy

Europe is home to many magical places that each promise their own unique holiday experience. From city breaks in beautiful Lisbon to laid-back Archangelos holidays, luxury cruises around the Med to fly-drive holidays in the States – there’s certainly no end of choice when it comes to deciding on your next jolly.


And when it comes to magical places, Italy is right up there with the best of them. Forget pizza and flashy footballers for a moment; this is where you’ll find soaring snow-capped peaks, mist-shrouded lakes and romantic cities with ancient architecture and crumbling ruins. A trip to Italy will captivate you from the word go.

But where do you go? If you’re after ancient monuments and world-famous sights, Rome is the obvious choice. Here you can wander among the centuries-old remnants of the old Roman Empire – gazing up at monolithic pillars and imposing statues and wandering around the fallen ruins of old buildings, once symbols of power and wealth. Walk into the colosseum and feel your skin prickle as an eerie silence descends on this enormous space, where thousands of slaves and warriors died as the bloodthirsty crowd cheered in the name of entertainment.

And don’t miss a trip to the Pantheon to stare up at the huge open arc in the roof – a feat of architectural brilliance.

If you’re watching your finances and you’re after bargain Italy holidays, you’ll find plenty of options. It might not be the first place you think of for a cheap break, but there are always deals to be had. Check for late deals on tour operators’ websites or, if you can bear to hold out, try to book your package holiday or flights as far in advance as possible. You can usually take advantage of special offers, plus you’ll have longer to save money – giving you more to play with once you get there.

So, when will you spend a magical holiday in Italy?


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