Travel Insurance: The Key Points

It doesn’t matter where you’re jetsetting this year or what you’re planning to do once you’re there, if you care about safeguarding you and your family, travel insurance is crucial. If you’re lucky enough to be planning on multiple trips this year, cheap annual holiday insurance is available to help protect you. Likewise, single trip policies, business travel cover and specialist insurance such as cruise cover are all available online at the end of a couple of mouse-clicks.

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance: The Key Points

With many holidaymakers heading abroad without the recommended annual insurance, it’s important to understand the need for it. Comprehensive policies can often provide the added peace of mind to ensure that your stint overseas leads to a stress-free sojourn.

Offering great value for money, basic travel insurance costs very little – in fact, it’s possible to find a basic single trip policy for as little as £6.94 – that’s less than you’d spend on a bottle of wine. Surely, protecting yourself, your health and your belongings, not least your family, is worth this outlay?

Basic cover includes these essential benefits:

  • emergency medical cover
  • cancellation and curtailment cover
  • personal accident cover
  • personal money and passport cover
  • baggage and personal possessions cover
  • 24 hour assistance, 7 days a week

Should you wish to invest in further protection, you can with the help of a tailormade policy that’s ideal for your personal requirements. There are 4 cover levels available as well as several extras that can be added to suit your needs, including winter sports, weddings and business travel.

Take a look on line at your options for cheap annual holiday insurance and ultimate peace of mind when travelling abroad for whatever reason – you’ll be surprised at how reasonable your personal protection can be.

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